Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Small Sleek haul & reveiw

This haul was done over 2 orders, which i bought myself. Find these products on the Sleek website here. International shipping to Australia for both orders took about 10 days.  

Sleek iDivine  Palettes - $9.99
First off - I really like sleeks eyeshadow. I really really like them. My favorite eyshadow brand is Too Faced but i find they can be over-blended and become a muddy mess.Sleeks shadows do the opposite, they blend seamlessly and melt right into each other.If i could just make Too Faceds shade selection have eyeshadow babies with Sleeks formula, that'd be great.  If you're a beginner or not confident with blending, these would be a really good place to start. These eye shadows also last all day over primer and don't fade or loose their vibrancy. They even work well without a primer and base. The only thing i can fault these shadows with is that the colour range available doesn't really excite me too much, but they do have about 13 permanent palettes available.
iDivine in Oh So Special 

iDivine in Au Naturel 

As you can see, this one is a bit messy because when i received it the first shade in the bottom row was shattered and had spread all over the palette. After a few emails back and forwards with Sleeks customer service, they agreed to send out a replacement, which i should receive in a few days.

Sleek Face Contour Kit in light - $8.49
I really like this, it is probably my favorite item from the lot. There are 3 shades available and this one doesnt make my skin look muddy or dirty when contouring, and the highlight is very natural looking. I wish though that the contour shade had some grey in it, as I still prefer my NYX blush in taupe over this shade but the sleek one is just more practical. I would repurchase this.

Sleek Pout Paints - Peachy Keen, Milkshake and Pinkini - $6.49
 These are like cheaper versions of the OCC lip tars, but with a much less extensive and impressive colour range. There are 11 permanent shades currently available and includes mixing shades such as blue and white, but other then that no crazy colours. They are fun to play around with and mix together to make your own perfect shade but are not really suitable for everyday wear as they take a while to apply with a lip brush. I don't find the lasting power that impressive either.

Skin Revive  foundation tester kit in Fair/Light- $4.50
Skin Revive is a silicone base foundation that is supposed to leave a natural airbrushed look to the skin. I think oatmeal is my best match.  Shell and oatmeal lean yellow toned while oyster and white rose lean pinker, and linen (missing) looks to be neutral toned but is very very light. If you are too pale for most foundations you should give this a try.The full size retails for $9.99 and I think I will buy that in my next order. There is an impressive 29 shades available.

A look I did using Oyster for foundation, the face contour kit, Oh So Special kit and a mix of Peachy Keen and Milkshake pout paints. Everything else was my usual routine which can be seen in the previous FOTD post.

What do you like/recommend from Sleek? I'm thinking about getting some of the blushes and the matte me lip colours, as well as some more pout paints for mixing. 

  • International shipping!!!! Both orders shipping was under $3 
  • Affordable, good quality makeup
  • Having foundation samplers in a variety of colours 

  • That one of the shades arrived broken was a bummer, but Sleek are sending a free replacement which i should receive in a few days. 
  • There is not a lot of products that really appeal too me, but i defiantly will be looking out for new collections and products. 
  • Missing out on the limited edition pout paint from the candy collection :( 

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