Monday, August 29, 2016

26 Femme Fatale pigments (Another!) Swatch post

My name is Rebecah and I am A femme Fatale addict. I gotta collect em all. I made a large order and decided to swatch my entire collection in one post. Whenever I'm looking for swatches, I can never find many sources so hopefully this is helpful to some people. All swatches are done over Milani eye primer, but I strongly recommended you use a specialised indie primer for these for maximum prettiness. Its so hard to capture true reflect on camera - I swear every photo of the same shade looks different -  but hopefully these give an idea.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Femme Fatale - Eyeshadow swatches and Reveiw

After getting into the MUG duochromes and foiled shadows i've been more intrigued by complex metallic and shifting shades.It should also be noted that because of bad packaging the MUG duochormes were taken off the website untill July . If you've ever had the same thought, you would have come accross the indies vs. mainstream brands argument. I've always been under the impression that loose pigments = messy, and dismissed indie brands as a result. I decided to give it a go and researched some of the popular brands. Femme Fatale was one that kept coming to mind, which I thought was great as they're Australian. Keep reading after the jump to find out what I hauled. 


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Makeup geek haul/swatches Pt 1

I think I must really be one of the last people to get onto the MakeupGeek train.. I ordered a large Z palette in Lavender and then 20 eyeshadows. I didn't fill my palette up because this was already crazy expensive and I thought id leave room for anything I missed, or to checkout their upcoming Duo Chromes and Mattes collection. Ive since filled it up with some of my Coastal Scents Hot Pots though. Stay tuned for my thoughts and opinions - was it worth it?

Edit: This post has been sitting in my drafts for months! I've well and truly formed an opinion since then and have since made 2 more orders for the duochromes and newer matte shades. 

34 Coastal Scents Hot Pot swatches

Coastal Scents (CS) Hot Pots are quite infamous for one thing - they're often on sale for 0.99c ($1.95 USD regular price). There is about 300 different shadows offered, so picking colours is always quite difficult. Compared to other popular brands of single shadows such as MUG and Morphe, CS are a great way to get some cheap thrills and build your own palette.  To find out what I think and swatches, keep reading. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Huge Collective haul - Beautyjoint, Amazon, Priceline & Target

I've been heaps slack on posts lately.. so here's a buncha stuff I bought in the last couple of months. Upcoming posts - May favourites, LA Splash lip swatches and a Makeup Geek haul and underrated products. Enjoy~