Saturday, January 2, 2016

Yearly favourites - High-End

A current list of high end products I've discovered and loved during 2015. 

Urban decay Spectrum palette - Limited edition for holiday 2015

I don't think this is available anymore, at least not in Australia. Holy crap, is this baby gorg. Even the box has an emerald UD logo and laser cut sides. The pictures wont do it justice. These jewel tones make me want to weep, beautiful beautiful tears. I haven't worn it a whole lot, i always manage to end up looking like a bit of a clown with bright colours. I'm really happy i got my hands on this, after missing out on the 15th anniversary palette which was quite similar. The only thing I'd wish different was that the neutral row were orange/reds.

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar 

Probably a classic by now, but every time i look at my Choco bar palettes i can't help but feel like it should be in  a museum. Except, then how would anyone smell it's alluring cocoa smell? Ive included pictures of the Semi- sweet palette, but this goes for the original as well. These palettes are all neutral but they are interesting neutrals that would complement any collection already full of neutral palettes. *cough* 
Kat Von D Shade & Light eye palette 

Probably my favorite purchase of 2015, i am absolutely head over heels with this bad guy. Why did we not have Sephora sooner! I curse thee. I feel like Ive been missing out on some beautifully blended brown smokey eyes for most of the year. This palette, although all matte is freakin amazing and has every neutral i want and they are all so lovey dovey and blendy that i now pledge my loyalty to thou almighty, Kat Von D.
Viseart Neutral Mattes 

Oh man, the hype was real with this one. But completely understandable. It may not look like much to the packaging snob, but this lil guy? he packs a punch. Bam. On your eyes. You're punched now. But it's alright, you can rock that black (smokey) eye. This is a bit of a foolproof easy no thought required palette, I'd place it on par with the Shade and Light. 
Anasatsia Dipbrow, Kat Von D Tatto Liner in Trooper, and Too faced Better Than Sex mascara

I think the only one i got in 2015 was the liner, but these are all things I'll repurchase each and every year. Dippi 4ever. Before this liner, i thought i was a die hard fan of the harder style felt tip liners but this just makes my winged eyeliner deal take about 3 seconds. It is expensive though, and i have cheapie liners id probably rather buy, but I'll buy this again when I feel like indulging. I have 2 pots of Dipbrow though, so I think im set for the next 4 years. Plus, I always buy a few minis of the BTS when they come out. This has also been 'The year of lashes' as ive dubbed it, with my soiree into falsies for every look. They make a good team. 
Skindenavia Bridal Finishing Spray

Where have you been all my life!? I literally BATHE my face in this. My makeup is not coming off until i give it permission. Literally, my face is as flawless when I apply it as it is 12 hours later. It's better than the UD All Nighter, which is made by Skindenavia. And the bottle is huge, i transfer some into a travel size for convenience. I will immediately repurchase when I start to run out. I cant share my love for the primer though, it sadly breaks me out everytime. 
Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

I only have some minis, but i've been really enjoying these towards the end of the year. Particularly Illicit, which is sheer but Ive been enjoying that look when my eyes are top heavy. Crush and Gash are my other favorites. 

Too Faced Melted Liquified Longwear Lipstick in Melted Sugar

Ive collected about 8 Melted lipsticks, and i really enjoy the formula. They last as long as typical liquid lipsticks but don't have the flat matte finish and are not as drying. This is the lightest nude shade, which you know is my jam.

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