Saturday, January 2, 2016

Yearly favourites - Drugstore

A current list of drugstore products I've discovered and loved during 2015.

MakeupGeek and Coastal Scents single shadows 

The top row are all CS, the rest are MUG. First and last of the bottom row are Foiled shadows, 3rd 4th and 5th are Duochromes.  Ive enjoyed collecting these and building my z-palette, it gives me happy vibes just to look at. I do think that MUG are a little over priced for what they are and CS are mostly on the same level, i usually cant tell them apart. That being said, I like the different variety and the constant new and innovative products MUG are releasing. A line of pressed Duochromes? Yes please. I'm a pretty pretty sparkly unicorn when I wear those. Ive just ordered about 20 new CS shadows to try out and am looking forward to doing more comparisons.

Chi Chi Elegant palette 

I really don't buy many drugstore palettes as I have so many higher quality ones, but I had to see what the fuss over these Chi Chi palettes were. This is the only one I have, but she speaks to me. The colour choices and composition deserves a round of applause. I would happily buy a $60 palette of the same colours from Sephora. The quality of these shadows is pretty good too. Not the best, but certainly workable and wearable. The mattes are actually really impressive. There are  however a couple colours that get hardpan and I find don't offer much in terms of pigment.
Essence single shadows in Cake Pop, Apricotta, My Favourite Tauping

I'm a big fan of baby pink single shadows. They make such a nice addition to my all matte neutral palettes to brighten and shimmer up my eyes when needed. Essence has such good quality single shadows that I wish they made more unique shades. I always have a swatch when i go to Priceline. In fact, they are maybe my favourite drugstore brand period. I just love seeing what they will come out with next, and buying it on a cheeky whim and not feeling guilty.
L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper, Milani Shadow Primer, Beauty Essentials Felt Liner

If you know me, you probably think "brows". I don't think I even have the words to tell you how much I love having this in my routine. I use my Dipbrow then the Brow Plumper sort of fill in the inner bit of my brows and then as an all over brow gel. I got this on sale but would buy full price if I had too. In saying that, I should probably get a backup ASAP. The Milani is a long time love, and the BE eyeliner is something a bit special. It's only $3, so i encourage you to give it a try. It's quite similar to the Jordana Fabuliner but blacker, lasts longer, cheaper and easily available in Priceline.

LA Girl ProConceal, Maybelline Baby Skin, Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch, Revlon Nearly Naked 
 I know everyone raves about this concealer, I want to specifically rave for the Green corrector which i'm all out of. Hands down, my favourite green corrector, and ive tried quite a few. I have a few shades for concealing and contouring. The lightest shade matches my skin but is not light enough to highlight.  I wish they were easier to buy in Australia. 

Baby Skin is bae. Seriously. I never cared much for the Porefessional, but I love this. I know some people don't get along with silicone primers, but it just makes any foundation slide right on and it lasts all day. I used to have my foundation dissapear from my face with any other primer, but using this and my setting spray, I never look in the mirror worried about how much of my face is in a different spot then it should be.

 Maybelline Dream Wonder has become my #1 foundation. I wear porcelain and its a really good match. Quite yellow, but so am I. It is extremely liquidy and sort of like a water-light foundation. The only thing is that it smells very strongly of alcohol,  I guess something in the formula to keep it thin, and that never goes away. Nearly Naked is the same kinda deal but a bit more of a build-able coverage, I have mine in the shade Vanilla. Both foundations are very light coverage and offer that 'barley there' look, so they're not for everyone, but if you just want to even out your skin tone and not look cakey they're a great option.

Essence Bloom Me Up Highlighter, Milani Rose Blush in Romantic Rose 

These have both been my everyday highlighter/blush combo, Ive had to force myself to use other products. The highlighter was sadly LE but was a beautyiful pinky-lavender colour which really brightens up fair skin. The Rose blush is just a great neutral im-here-but-not-stealing-the-show shade that compliments the skin to finish a look. 

Chi Chi Lipliners, NYX Butter Lipstck in Fun Size, Rimmel Provocolips in Skinny Dipping and Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips in Trap and Midi 

I have all the Chi Chi lipliners. Every.Single.One. And they're releasing new shades. There are about 4 nudes in the collection currently, ranging from brown to pink undertones and so there is one for everyone. Or all for one. I'm a big follower of the darker lipliner to lipstick look and always use these, I like them way better then the Essence ones. 
The NYX butter lipsticks have really found their place in my collection. I have 2 lipstick moods - full thick, opaque texture or sheer barely there tints. These are the latter, but are an easy no brainer way to complement any eye look without being over powering. 

After umming and ahhhing for months over wheter or not id like this colour, i finally decided to take the plunge. And yeah, I like it. A lot. It's very brown and different for me, but I dig it. The gloss makes it not your typical matte liquid lipstick. They do last a really long time, but i'm not sure I love how they wear off. 

These were my first foray into Colourpop, and i've had to convince myself many a time that No, I don't need more makeup when I look at their website. These colours in particular though - ah. So. Good. Trap is the ultimate greige 90s kylie grunge whatever buzz word you want lip, and Midi has become almost a signature lipstick for me as i wear it so much. It goes with literally anything. I'll repurchase when I run out.

Models Prefer Finale Setting Spray

Before I had heard of our lord and savior, Skindenavia, I gave this spray a go - and it's actually really really good. Quite comparable actually. I never hear a lot about this spray but I will absolutely use this bottle up and repurchase if I don't have access to the Skindenavia one. Id recommend it to anyone wanting to try a spray but not ready to splurge on a high end one.

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