Sunday, March 6, 2016

34 Coastal Scents Hot Pot swatches

Coastal Scents (CS) Hot Pots are quite infamous for one thing - they're often on sale for 0.99c ($1.95 USD regular price). There is about 300 different shadows offered, so picking colours is always quite difficult. Compared to other popular brands of single shadows such as MUG and Morphe, CS are a great way to get some cheap thrills and build your own palette.  To find out what I think and swatches, keep reading. 

Overall, I'd recommend CS Hot Pots at their sale price. They also offer affordable clear magnetic palettes if you're not a fan or want a Z-Palette alternative (They fit MUG pans too). Out of the 30 or so pans I have, there's probably about 10 i think are great and 5 that i think are amazing and the same quality as MUG. You deffinatley take the risk of buying some duds but thankfully you wont miss out on much if it's not what you expected. I find the reveiws on the CS site to be pretty true and acurate of the product. CS excel in their shimmer shadows, particularly the metallic which are fairly similar to the MUG foiled shadows that retail for $10USD e.a. The mattes, while I have a few that are great, the majority seem to be quite patchy and sheer and have a dry formula. If you're looking to broaden your colour horizons or not sure if you can pull off red eye shadow, these are a great option to indulge in and not feel guilty.
 Ive placed a ♥ next to the ones I love!



 Ice Ballet, Icelandic, Perfect Plum, Black Berry
Silver Lilac, Periwinkle♥, Violetta, Deep Eggplant ♥


Minty Fizz♥, Aqua, Sea Lilly, Wizardry♥, Laguna Green.


Champagne Orange, Peachy Keen♥, Orange Crush, Marmalade♥, Volcanic Blast♥.


Peach Puff, Melon, Baby Pink, Pale nude ♥,  Pink Silver ♥, Peach Fuzz♥ 

Others that didn't have their own catagory/that I forgot about

Powder Pink, Polar Bare, Polished Ivory
Candlelight Alpengeist, Mai Tai♥, Choclateir

Light Pink♥, Elven Gold, Peach Silver ♥

Vist the Coastal Scents website here.

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