Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Femme Fatale - Eyeshadow swatches and Reveiw

After getting into the MUG duochromes and foiled shadows i've been more intrigued by complex metallic and shifting shades.It should also be noted that because of bad packaging the MUG duochormes were taken off the website untill July . If you've ever had the same thought, you would have come accross the indies vs. mainstream brands argument. I've always been under the impression that loose pigments = messy, and dismissed indie brands as a result. I decided to give it a go and researched some of the popular brands. Femme Fatale was one that kept coming to mind, which I thought was great as they're Australian. Keep reading after the jump to find out what I hauled. 


  Femme Fatale are famous for their pigments and nail polishes, which I would love to wear if I didn't bite my nails and have none. They carry a large variety of other indie brands (inc Shiro. Medusa's Makeup and Hello Waffle) as well as their own extremely popular line, as well as primers, soaps, perfumes, mixers and things of that variety. They have about 160 pigments in their line that come in full sizes (8.25aud) mini sizes (4.95aud) and in some cases samples. Both of which come with a sifter, and i have 8 mini pigments to share with you. 

 Colour descriptions from the website; 

Candied Apple - It’s a pale redwood pink with a green duochrome.
Amber eyes - There was no description for this one. It's a pale peachy colour with a golden reflect.

Alpine Skies -A super pale taupe with cool tones and prominent turquoise shimmer.
Ancient Traitor -  A pale baby pink with a very soft blue duochrome finish; suitable for highlighting.

Divinity - Divinity is a soft, pale pink with subtle orange duochrome sheen.
Secret Shiny - Again, no description for this one. It's a lavender base wih a strong gold reflect. 

Banshee Scream -  No description. A pale lime green base with a yellow shift.
Afraid of Bees - A bold burnt orange with strong golden shine. 

Femme Fatale mini compared to a MUG pigment  (12USD, about 16AUD)

You can see the shifts against the black lids.  Overall, I'm really impressed and glad I finally tried them. I've already started looking at what I want next. The colours are really beautiful and definitely unique to what you'd see commonly from mainstream brands. I don't find them to be that messy as the sifter is quite good and I just tap some into the lids. The most fun part of these are combining them with different bases, it makes me feel like a bit of a scientist finding the best combination. Ive tried them with a number of primers. I found Jordana's eye base was the best, and NYX eye bases to be the worst ( They cancel out most of the shift). Swatched over regular primer such as Milani/Wet n Wild they hold and stick but are not maximised. These preform better applied wet and built up as some of the shades (particularly the more translucent shiny ones) can be lost in the shimmer.  I have noticed that they tend to fade and loose their metallic quality over the day.

Until pressed quality duochrome shadows become more common (better then the MUG ones), these are really fun and a great addition to any collection. I always feel like a bit of a unicorn knowing I've got some eye magic going on. Let me know what shades I should buy next or what your favourites are from what company. I think I may be developing some sort of compulsive addiction.

Swatches below are done with a slightly dampened brush.
Artificial light 


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