Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Balm collection & overview

All of these were bought during 50% off sales. In the U.S they can be comply found on sale however in Australia it is much less common to come across this brand, but they seem to go on ozsale a couple times a year.

Blushes - $21.00 
I bought frat boy when ThBalm had their 50% sale thinking it would be the perfect colour for me but I never end up wearing it much. I got Down Boy on ozsale for 50% off as well.
Frat boy is a peachy pink, very pigmented and I need a really light hand when applying. Down Boy is my holy grail blush. It is a light pink that is perfect for everyday wear, not too full on but can be built up for more intensity.

Meet Matt(e) Nude - $42.00
I don't use this a lot, I feel like the colours are a bit mismatched and don't really flatter me, just kinda looks bit blah. I know leighannesays loves this though, and I should give it more of a chance. By the way this is the best packing. Of any palette. Ever. 

Nude Tude - $36.00
I really do like this palette but I rarely use most of the colours, I mainly use Stubborn, Stand-offish, Selfish and Sexy. I really don't care for Sassy, it is way to pearly shimmery stark white, and there is no other highlight option. This is a good alternative to a naked palette if you like a neutral look that isn't all browns and taupe. 

Mary Lou- Manizer $24.00
This is a really intense highlighter, I find it too much for everyday use, but I do also like to use it as an eyeshadow. You get heaps of product for money and i think it would suit all skin tones. I've heard these are prone to shattering though so be extra careful. 

Time Balm concealer $18.00
I really do like this concealer, but don't have much of a use for it. It is too thick and will crease if used under the eyes but is good for coving any blemishes. I like to use it to clean up the edges of my eyebrows. You get quite a lot of product but many people have experienced the cap breaking as it is thin plastic. There is also quite a large shade range for pale to deep skin tones, I have mine in light, the second lightest colour and it suits my skin exactly.

Stainiac - $17.00 each
I like these but I don't love the colours, and I don't like that the names are so similar. I thought I was buying the pink shade but accidentally got the berry red. The gel is quite thick and needs to be applied in layers to build up the colour. 

What do you have/recommend from the balm? I think I would like to try the tinted moisturiser and the balmjovi palette.

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