Friday, August 2, 2013

TooFaced Romantic eye palette review

It's no secret that I love these little TooFaced eye kits, and this one is no exception. The colours are always so pretty and well formulated. I got my romantic eye palette from beauty bay for $36 with free shipping. This palette is especially suited for green eyes, but of course any eye colour can wear it. I love the really wedding theme of this one as well, it could make a great bridesmaid's gift.

How cute are these names! 
Starting with the day row;
Soulmates - I wasn't expecting how pretty this colour would be, but I really love it. It's like a shimmering satin colour, that makes me think of wedding cake.
I do - A nice matte taupe colour, nothing to special but very useful.
Un-veil - A deep matte brown that leans purple. Blends out lighter on the lid then it shows in the pan.

                                               Swatches are done over Jordan's eye base.

From left to right - Soulmates, I do and Un-Veil

Classic row; This is by far my favourite combination of shadows in the palette, in fact it was the reason I bought it.
Kiss the Bride - my favourite shade. A matte baby pink shade that I love all over the lid.
Cut the Cake - A satin lavender with grey/silver tones. My next favourite. 
First Dane -A matte dark purple. In the swatch it looks almost black but on the lid it is much lighter and the intensity can be built up. 

From left to right - Kiss the bride, Cute the cake, FIrst Dance. The lighting was changed here to reflect the true colours better.

Bouquet toss - a nice a creamy matte off white beige colour. 
Honeymoon- a metallic olive gold. It's was the only colour I was iffy about in the palette, it has green tones in it which I don't like in golds. I haven't really worn this one.
Ever after - a medium warm toned satin brown. Very nice. 

From left to right: bouquet toss, honeymoon, ever after 

The look cards that come with all of these eye kits, but I never use them.

Some really beautiful pink/purple shades that compliment each other really well. 
Reasonable price - $36 from beautybay with free worldwide shipping
Beautiful packaging as always from toofaced

Weird honeymoon shade

TooFaced's older cardboard packaging is a bit bulky, but newer palettes are a smaller tin.

Overall rating: 


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