Monday, August 19, 2013

Sleek haul # 2 & first impressions

A few weeks back Sleek had a 20% off sale and seeing as they are already cheap even with shipping I decided to purchase mainly so I could get a better matching foundation. 

I picked up;
- True colour lipstick in peaches and cream (creme finish) & pink freeze (matte) $6.49 each
I found the peaches n cream lippy to be an odd colour, not exactly what I'd expect from the name. It is a pale very orange colour, similar to the peachy keen pout paint but less neon. You would probably have to already be a fan of orange lipsticks to wear it, luckily I am. Pink freeze on the other hand, the colour is nice, a perfect medium warm toned hot pink (my favourite) but the matte texture of it pulled on my lips when applying, and I could feel the lipstick moving in the tube which made me think it was going to break, I don't like that.

-Pout paint in peek-a-bloo and could 9 $6.49 each
I got these for mixing, obviously, it's not like me to sport a blue lip. I think the blue is a bit unnecessary as everything I mix it with turns to purple, which i don't wear purple lipstick. The white is quite useful though but was already a bit separated by the time I got it. 

-Pout polish in powder pink and peaches n cream $5.99 each
Yeah.. About these.. See below.

-Skin revive foundation in oatmeal - $9.99
I'm not really sure how I feel about these. They are nice and hydrating for my dry skin, and doesn't look overly powdery like some liquid foundations do on me (it's not really dewy for me though, either). The colour is good but not perfect, I'm really impressed by their shade selection though. I'd repurchase if I needed to find a good match.

Although I bought the tester kit for the foundation and decided oatmeal was best it still looks a little light at first and not yellow enough but i can wear it.If you don't fit into most drugstore foundations I really suggest checking sleek foundations out. I wear Revlon colourstay in buff for reference. 

I just wanna say.. What the hell is up with these? The colours look gorgeous but peaches n cream does t show up at all, just gives a white cast and they both reek of sunscreen. I can taste it, and I've since read other people saying the same thing.. It makes them unwearable and I'm really disappointed.


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