Friday, August 16, 2013

Beauty joint & Priceline haul + first impressions

Beauty joint seems to have really lowered the shipping now, making it a better deal then cherry culture even though they don't have sales, so I went a little crazy and I needed to get some backup items. Priceline was having. 50% off all Maybelline so I bought some things I'd been eyeing (and a few sneaky extras).

From beauty joint 

L.A colors jumbo eye pencils in Cherry Blossom and Pretty in Pink.i have quite a few of these and they are a good alternative to the NYX ones. 

Surgi was brow shapers - These are really convenient and much less messy then wax. It's kind of like sticky take in 2 pre-cut sections. This was a repurchase.

Elf cream liner - A repurchase again, I'd become sick of my Loreal hip eyeliner smudging into my waterline. Nothing bad to say about this one, really good for the price. 

Milani color statement lipstick - In Fruit Punch. This colour is really similar to Geradium, just a little tones down and slightly darker. I'd recommend this over Geradium seeing as its much less then half it's price. 

LimeCrime lipstick in Geradium. This was the item I was the most excited about, but I was a bit disappointed. I'd heard good things about the lipsticks, and that they smelt like vanilla just like mac (mine smelt like playdough) this colour is described as a bright neon coral pink, but I certainly wouldn't call it that and although it is a nice warm medium pink, it's not unique by any means and I probably have a few similar colours. (Wet n wilds Pinkerbell puts this to shame.) 

Elf brow gel - I really wanted a brow gel and they never had the essence one at Priceline until after I ordered this, of course. I bought the essence one in the meantime so I won't be opening this for a while. 

NYX brow powder/wax in blonde - I have the same kit in ash/taupe and it was a bit dark for my dark blonde hair so hopefully this will be better. It still looks quite dark though so I wouldn't really recommend these for people with light hair. 

Jordana eye primer/base - my faves rite eye base in the entire world. I'm still using my first pot but I bought 2 more backups because I never ever want to be without it and it is only $1 or $2 and by far beats my 2nd fave of nyx skin tone eye base. I still use a primer under these.
Jordana brow powder in light ash brown - I was using the natural taupe colour before and I do like it but its just not quite right and these are only $1 so I bought another, light ash brown is slightly darker then the taupe one. 

Elf cream blush/bronzer - I wanted to play around with a cream blush and bronzer to go under my foundation as I like them quite subtle, but I'm not the best at applying and buffing them in, I end up looking like I smeared a it of Nutella on my face. I think I'll have to practice that. 

NYX butter gloss in Maple Blondie - I'm not the biggest gloss fan, but I do like certain ones. These are one of them, the other kind are the essence stay with me lip-glosses. I like ones that sink into your lips and make them look supple and juicy but not extremely shiny and glossy. 

From Priceline 


Baby lips in whatever colours they are. Not really important, they're clear anyway.

Colour tattoos in barley branded and inked in pink - these underwhelmed me so far. I have the tough as taupe one and it is really intensely pigmented but darker then I like for a base. These seem kinda sheer but i have only used them once so far. 

Maybelline quad - designer chocolates. I don't usually buy drugstore eyeshadows but I had been looking at these colours for a while and the price was right. Again, underwhelming. The colours are softer and not as rich as they appear, but that may be a good thing for beginners or more subtle looks. These are okay but haven't won me over. 

Maybelline eye studio liner - I'd heard heaps about this liner being a dupe for bobbi browns, so I picked it up, read the colour was 'carbon' (isn't that black?!) and went to check out. Nope. It's grey, and I should of looked more closely. It also says charcoal. I tried to like it but it just looks like a faded black :(  

Maybelline colour sensational lipstick - shocking coral. I find this to be more pink then coral, the formula is kinda interesting, it feels a it thicker then a normal lipstick. It's nice but I think I got sucked into the hype around this colour and wouldn't repurchase any others.

CoverGirl lash blast - clump crusher is my HG mascara. that's it. She's amazing, so I thought I would try out her orange sister. Lets just say, volume is more Khloe then Kim so far. These were also on sale for $10. 

So that's my spending spree so far, unfortunately the damage isn't complete and I have a few more orders I'm waiting on. I do a little dance when I see the postie with a package, he's probably really sick of me by now.

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