Monday, January 6, 2014

Beauty joint Haul & First impressions

 About a week and a 1/2 ago i made an order from one of my favorite online stores, BeautyJoint. In total with shipping  it came to $49.78. I also used $5 store credit and a coupon that is always available. 

 L-R: Milani Flamingo Pose & Nude Creme, WnW Cherry Bomb

I ordered 2 more Milani colour statement lipsticks (These are amazing) in Flamingo Pose and Nude Creme. Flamingo pose is hyped up a lot in the beauty sphere and i expected it to be a neon sort of colour, but its actually quite dark. Nude creme looks darker online but is a really nice pinky-nude that i'm sure is going to be a new favorite. The next lipstick i ordered was from the Wet'n'wild matte lipstick range (also amazing) in CherryBomb.  Ive hard this compared to Revlons Black Cherry (Shoutout to r/makeupaddiction) I quite like the way it looks with my blue eyes.

NYX MegaShine lipgloss in Beige, WnW MegaSlicks in Peach Fuzz
I'm kinda meh about these. Even though im not really a lipgloss person, i thought id get on the bandwagon and try NYX raved about 'beigethatsreallypink' gloss. I was expecting this to be more of a creamy lighter colour, but again its quite dark for my liking. As soon as you open/apply these my nostrils were assaulted with a weird too-much fake cherry scent. NYX lip products are known for smelling great, but this one makes me kinda nauseous, and i can still smell it when its applied.  The Wet'n'Wild MegaSlicks lip thing - where do i even start. This product is so alien, and im kind of weird-ed out by it. I brought it on a wim, not expecting much. not expecting this.. From the swatch you can see, its kind of crumbley, and does not apply well. It also kind of transforms - the only way i can describe it is if you imagine taking some coloured chalk, and then dipping it in water, and then being expected to put it on your lips. If that wasn't enough, its also a really strange metalicy/frost sheen that i'm not interested in. 

 NYX Glam Shadow Stick in Rose Gold, Jordana 12 hr eye pencil in Continuous Almond and Jordana Fabuliner in Black. 
In the Naked3 craze I was in the market for a nice rose gold base, then i found this one called Rose Gold. Figured we'd be friends. It looks quite similar to Maybelline color tattoo in Inked in Pink, but much more of a gold reflect. Im really impressed with the Jordana pencil, It is an incredibly creamy matte beige. Its amazing. Why isnt there more shades? I will be buying the pink one. Next is the Jordana Fabuliner eyeliner, its almost a black brown colour, and wipes off very easily with a makeup wipe. I'll have to play around with this some more to see how i like it.
BeautyTreats BB cream in Vanilla, Milani HD Advanced Concealer in Light

I always like to get a mixture of eye/face/lip products, and since both my Skin79 BBs have run out i got this one to try. I have never had anything from this brand before, so i wasn't sure what to expect. The swatch and first impression shows that it is really dark apricot kind of colour, but it blends in a lot. I will have to see later if i can get away with it or not, it might give me a pinky cast. I am really impressed with the formula of the Milani concealer, its very light and thin, would be great for under the eyes (which is why i got it). The brush/packaging however is not the best, it is a brush tip like you see on wind up glosses, that take forever to dispense, hard to control the amount of product and are not very hygienic, only instead of twisting you push the product up.

ELF HD lifting concealer, ELF HD Undereye setting Powder

I have previously bought and loved the ELF HD Correcting concealer (The green shade) and read somewhere that this shade was meant to be good for fair skin. I dont really have any blue/dark under eye circles which i think this is specifically for though, but it does brighten up under your eyes.And lastly, a repurchase. I dont use a setting powder as my skin is quite dry so i like to use this to lock in concealer. It has visible shimmer in the swatch and in pan but it is not noticeable on the face.The only thing I dont like is that the container is unnecessarily big compared to the product you get, and I like to use a lot and one jar will last me about  +- 4 months. 

Bonus info for your enjoyment~
  • Ive been starting to make perler bead creations/beadsprites. Im only at the bead sorting stage, waiting for the pegboard i orderd from eBay.
  • Really into playing a lot of dead Island/Beyond: Two Souls
  • Something else but i forgot.Watch this space in case I remember. 
  • Can someone please recommend a matte pink eye base. sos. 

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