Saturday, June 14, 2014

Anastasia First impressions/Reveiw

Recently I ordered the Anastasia DipBrow pomade in Blonde and the brow powder duo in Taupe. These are a rarity for us Aussies to find, I've seen a few sites that ship it such as Beauty Bay and the Anastasia Australia website. I actually got these from the American website which ships for $18, but the price is quite fair considering you are buying at US prices, making it a better deal if you plan on buying more then one thing. Shipping was very quick and took less than a week. The Dipbrow was $18 and the powder was $23. 

I was a little disappointed when I received the powders, I was unsure weather taupe or medium brown would suit me better, and I probably honours have gone for the brown. I didn't swatch the duo as it doesn't really show up well. 

I apply the dipbrow using a standard angle brush and it is very easy to apply. The colour tends to show up warmer then I like in my brows but I feel I can get away with it. The formula is very smooth and creamy and the little pot will last forever, so the price is very reasonable. I'd love if they added a more ashy taupe colour that would suit a larger variety of blondes. 

How it looks on my dark blonde hair/brows (without powder)

If you had been contemplating on picking this up I highly suggest that you do. I'd pass on the duos, as there are many great brow powders and eyeshadows that are much cheaper and preform the same. 

One of the things I love about this formula is that it does a good job of covering my brow scar, and once it sets it doesn't budge - meaning no more pencils/wax, powder and brow gel. I find despite what many people say, it can look incredibly natural and only takes a little practice to learn. 

Compared to the BH cosmetics brow trio in Blonde which I've been using lately. 

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