Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Favorite drugstore foundations - Fair & dry skin

Foundations are one of my favorite products to try out, and I think now I've got a collection of really well performing foundations. These are all drugstore but in Australia they range from about $20-$35.
Since foundations tend to be one of the most expensive things I purchase with the most uncertainty of liking them, I like do a lot of research and hold a list while I wait for a sale. 

When I look for a foundation I like them to be light yellow toned, help to cancel out my redness, not cake up on my dry skin and last at least 8 hours. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix (Older formula) - $32 at priceline, but often on OzSale and ASOS 
A cult favorite and I can see why. I've repurchased this about 4 times. Great for many skin types, especially dryer skin. I loooove that this comes with a vacuum pump - you know exactly how much prodct is left and no wastage at all. Sadly I don't think the new packaging has this though. 51 is the lightest shade and is quite yellow and a very good match for me. The shade range is very poor (about 6) and I've found priceline only sells 51,52 and 53 in stores. Provides light - medium coverage with a dewier finish.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - $32, also available at ASOS
Targeted at dry skin, I think I like this even more then the healthy mix, and as I said before they didn't sell my shade in store so this is a fraction darker then my match. This is a gel foundation and gives light coverage, I don't really find it to be build-able and doesn't cover my redness alone. Finish is satin - dewy.

Rimmel Wake Me up - $20, also available on ASOS
I love-hate this foundation. It makes my skin look really nice and dewy  as it has very fine shimmer particles in it (not noticeable on the skin) but the lightest shade is waaaay too dark/orange 
for me. I've heard that they have relaunched the Ivory shade in the UK but have not seen it. It's a shame usually Rimmel have great lighter shades. Right now I can only wear it in the summer if I've tanned. 

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse $12-19- discontinued in Australia, available in limited shades on OzSale and other bargain bins 
I'm really sad they discontinued this, I loved it since I started wearing makeup. It's really foolproof and can be applied easily with fingers (I prefer a stippling brush for lighter application) and is quite build able. To me It is the much prettier sister to the matte mousse (not discontinued). The only thing I dislike is that I feel you don't get enough product and my match shade (Ivory) is never available, Classic Ivory is a bit too pinky-beige for me.  Finish is satin.

Revlon Colourstay Whipped  - $35 avablible wherever Revlon is sold 
This Is the most expensive of the lot so I'm glad it's my favorite. I loved the lasting 
power of the liquid colourstay but it always looked way too cakey and heavy, i didn't really need full coverage. This one however looks beautiful and flawless on my skin while lasting all day. This is my go to foundation when ever going out. The one downfall is the packing - I would be alright with the heavy clunky glass jar if the lid didn't keep breaking - I can't screw it on so it just sits ontop. Luckily the little rubber stopper that comes with the foundation keeps it from drying up. Buff is also the best colour match I've used from any foundation I've tried. The finish is a satin matte that I don't find drying. 

Maybelline Fit Me - $19 available wherever Maybelline is sold 
This was also one of the first foundations I started consistently repurchasing. It has light coverage with a dewy finish. The shade range is quite large however I believe the lightest shade 110 is discontinued here. As the coverage is quite sheer and blend-able I can get away with 1 or 2 shades lighter or darker. 

Let me know what favorites you'd like to see next :) 

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