Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Priceline & Target haul - 30% off Chi Chi

Today I had a job Interview which went well so while I was out I decided to head to target as there was 30% off Chi Chi (eyes & lips only) and I've only tried a lip gloss from them before and had always heard good things. While I was there I stopped by Priceline because that's my second home. 

From Chi Chi I got - Glamourous Elegenant eyeshadow palette. I got this as I'd heard lots of raves about their palettes, although I never buy drugstore palettes. It didn't swatch super well and needed to be built up but I think they will preform much better with brushes and bases. 

Viva La Diva Matte lipstick in Drop Dead Georgeous 
Viva La Diva Cream lipstick in Bombshell 

Stay On lip liner in Centerfold 

So far I'm really liking the lipsticks, there wasn't many to choose from at my target as the stand was ransacked as if it were the apocalypse. The Drop Dead lipstick was a bit darker then I was expecting and I'm not sure how much I like it yet, but Bombshell looks promising. 

The formula of both are really opaque and creamy, the matte one feels a little grainy but not drying. The lip liner is very creamy, so much so that I can see myself going through it quite quickly. They are similar in formula to the Essence ones. 

Swatches from up to down - Centerfold, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Bombshell

Swatches of the first 6 shadows 

Swatches of the next 6 shadows

From switching I could tell that were 2 shades that were going to be a nuisance and give me a hard time with the surface hardening. There was a pretty good range of textures and I especially like the mattes in this palette. 

From Essence -  Lip Liner in 12 Wish Me A Rose. I love these liners, this is my 3rd one and as soon as there is the next 40% off sale I'm going to stock up on some and buy the rest. 

Essence All About Matt - I've always avoided matte-ifying products with my dry skin but lately I've been really enjoying the alternative from a dewy look, and I was after something like a pressed HD powder for convenience. 

Essence Lash Princess Mascara - I haven't had much luck with essence mascaras in the past but have seen some good reviews on this one. The packaging is really cute and I also want to be a lash princess. 

Essence Metal Glam eyeshadow in Sparkling Orchids - these get kind of a bad rep because the glitter over-spray is what makes them look pretty in pan. As soon as you touch the product you will find it is more of a velvet satin texture without the pretty pretty glitter, but still pretty. This is my second colour of this range so I was not disappointed. 

Swatch of Metal Glam eyeshadow in Sparkling Orchids and Essence lipliner Wish Me A Rose. 

You can see the  blue/purple (blurple?) glitter over-spray completely disappears. 

Australis velourlips in TOK-I-O and HON-O-LOO-LOO

I have a kinda love/hate relationship with the extreme matte formula of these but I'm trying to get into it as there are so many new colors to drool over. 

I hate the way they spell these names, it always makes me cringe, but I guess if they spelt it normally it would be awfully similar to the NYX city name themed soft matte lip creams. 

TOK-I-O is a vibrant mid toned purple which I am extremely excited about, if you've seen my last post here you'd know I love purple lipsticks and I honestly have no idea why I didn't own this already.

HON-O-LOO-LOO is a light peachy pink from the newer collection of colours. 
If you weren't aware there are also 5 new velourlips shades being released, you can find out more on Australis's Instagram here. 

Face of Australia Face Base Primer - I haven't tried this yet but heard many great things and it has been on my wishlist for a while as my local Priceline doesn't stock FOA. 

Swatches of TOK-I-O and HON-O-LOO-LOO

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