Thursday, January 1, 2015

Naked 3 - Pictorial # 2

I think I finally conquered my fear of false lashes - maybe. I dunno. I only applied them to one eye because I messed the liner up on the other side, so awkward half face photo. I also had no other face makeup besides foundation because my brushes were drying.  ;( 
In this picture I'm wearing;
  • A combination of Covergirl outlast in Classic Ivory and Rimmel Wake Me Up in Porcelain
  • NYX Brow Gel in Blonde
  • Australis lip liner in Nudie Rudie
  •  Savvy lipstick in Paris

I'm going to be using Strange as a highlight, Dust over the lid, Limit as a transition, Factory on the outer 3rd of the lid and Blackheart in the crease/outer corner and a little on the lower lash line.

I primed my eyelids with NYX Angel Veil and used the Jordana eye base.

1. Apply Limit to the outer portion of the lid and blend into the crease
2. Apply Dust all over the lid and blend into Limit
3. Apply Factory to the outer 1/3 of the lid 
4. Concentrate Blackheart into the crease and blend into the crease

5. Apply Strange to highlight the browbone/inner corner 
6. Lined and winged out my liner with Jorana Fabuliner 
7. Smudge LA Girl Glide Pencil in Black Amethyst along the lower lashine, blend with Blackheart
8. Apply mascara and false lashes if desired - I'm using some natural whispies from eBay

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