Saturday, February 7, 2015

Australis velourlips lips watch & reveiw

Veleroulips are a matte lip cream that apply creamy and dry within seconds. They're about 9.95$ wherever you go but are frequently on sale. I beleive there are about 15 in the collection and 2 limited edditons, I only have 5. Ive had most of these for quite a while but i rarely wear them, but with the newer shades launching this February, i'm trying to make myself wear them. 

These typically feel quite heavy on the lips as the formula is quite thick, and to me that's uncomfortable and distracting. The formula differes from colour to colour. They much heavier and thicker than the NYX soft matte lipcreams and similar to Lime Crime's Velvetines.

Pros: Not too drying, mostly opaque, good colour selection, affordable/available, long lasting
Cons: Can be patchy, not very build-able, dry too fast

Pa-ree: A muted browny/pink.  A nice neutral colour, good formula. 
Hon-o-loo-loo: Soft pink, A little patchy, but otherwise good formula. 
Rio-D: Bright neon/pastel orange. Much brighter then the photo makes it look. Good formula. 
Ny-cee: A really nice classic blue toned red. Ive had this one the longest and the formula seems to be drying up, its not as creamy and harder to apply. 
Tok-i-o: This is my favorite colour of the bunch, and my ;east favorite formula. The colour is very patchy and hard to apply evenly.

Overall i think they're a really nice product and I'm glad australis made something comparable to other big name matte lip creams. Support our Aussie brands!

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