Friday, February 20, 2015

Priceline & BH Cosmetics Collective haul

Over the last month I've picked up a couple things, first from a couple priceline trips. My rewards points came in and I had $15 to spend, as well as a $5 off for my mums birthday since I use her card. Second was a BH order in their valentines sale, most things i got were 50-75% off. 

Australis Oh Hai Brow kit - full RRP: $17 
I've actually only used this once despite owning it for quite a while now. It performed pretty well, similar to the NYX, ELF and BH versions. I don't really like the highlighter though as it is really shimmery. Ive tried to use it as an eyeshadow but it didn't look as nice as I imagined it would. 

Essence eyeliner pen - $5, CoverGirl Outlast Foundation, $20 
Next up, I was in the market for a new felt tip liner. I love my Jordana Fabuliner one but I'm finding it doesn't do everything i want it too, and its really hard to get a hold of here. I got this Essence
 Ive tried a double ended essence liner before and wasn't impressed, and Ive only owned this one for a couple hours, but so far I'm really impressed. It has a fairly firm tip, very black, seems to be long wearing and applies smoothly. There was a little transfer onto my eyelids but that's probably because I'm not wearing any eyeshadow.

The foundation is a repurchase as my previous one is nearing empty. The only thing I don't like about this foundation is that is oxidizes a bit on me, and depending what primers/powders I use it starts to bring out those peach tones despite me being very yellow. For some reason, Australia doesn't stock the 805 Ivory shade which would probably fix the oxidizing issue. Sad sad times.

BH Forever Nude Sculpt and Glow (Light/Medium) Full RRP $22

I'd been lusting over this for so long, one of my life goals is to find the perfect all in one bronzer/contour/highlight/blush palette. Guys, I really thought this would be it. But sadly I don't think it is. I'm kinda meh about it.. the highlight is way pinky/lavender when it looked white, the bronzer has red tones, and the blush is a bit darker then i prefer. It is nice though, if you think you'd suit these colours well.

BH Party Girl 14 piece brush set - Full RRP  $15
I stepped outside my comfort zone for brushes a little with this, as I usually only buy black brushes with silver ferrules so they can all be uniform and I can mix & match different kits and brands together.  The metallic purple case on this is so Lisa Frank/80s barbie that I wanted it anyway.
This is my favorite thing from the order probably. It was only about $11 when I got it and is a really good bargain for that.  It is a really good eye brush set, and there are only about 4 face brushes, and I only use 1 of them. There were a bunch of brushes that were missing from my stash like small detailed brushes and smudge brushes. The angled blush/bronzer brush was quite big for my liking and came a little splayed, so I wasn't to impressed with that one. The powder brush is lovely though. They are all really soft and good quality. I'm going to let you in on a secret though, I haven't washed them yet so i dont know if there will be any dye running or shedding.

BH Creme Luxe Lipsticks in Forever Nude, Tea Time, full RRP $8 ea and WaterProof Lipliner in Brazen, full RRP $6
These are more like a creamy matte, they are fairly long lasting and quite opaque. I really really enjoy the Forever Nude shade, it is quite similar to my favorite lipstick in Paris by Savvy. The lip-liner is okay but I wouldn't repurchase or buy another shade, the descriptions and swatches online were really off and I couldn't find a swatch for this shade anywhere. It was described as an electric purple, but in reality is more of a berry purple with pink tones.

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