Saturday, May 23, 2015

Glamourflage - Australian skincare reveiw

A while ago I was sent some products to try out by  Australian skincare brand Glamourflage. I received the face cream, eye cream, cleanser, lip balm and lip tint. I've been testing out these products for about a month and have some thoughts to share.  You can find these products in stores at David Jones or online at the Glamourflage website. I've included the pricing and ingredient list for each product. 

My first impressions of the brand overall is that the packaging felt really well made and luxurious, and I liked that each item had its own identity almost, you can tell each product was carefully designed and well thought out. My second thought, upon investigating the website was that they have a huge range of products available so there is something for most skin needs. Of course, I couldn't not mention the vintage inspired packaging. If you know me, you'd know I adore 50s music and fashion, and these are so authentically retro that I've been lusting over a few other items in their shop. Guys, they even sell prints of their cute designs.

Luscious Lucy Face Cream - $32.95/120 ML 

Product description - Brimming with moisturisers including shea butter and coconut oil and topped off with a healthy dose of aloe vera. She’ll condition, smooth and moisturise leaving you to smoulder your way through the day care and fancy free.

This is a thick and rich cream that is surprisingly light and fast absorbed, at least with my normal to dry skin. It does everything it says however I wouldn't rely on this to be my only moisturiser, I like to top it off with a face oil. Since its a cream and thicker then my daily moisturiser I put this on at night after I've cleanser and toned and my skin is nice and soft by morning. 

Enchanting Ella Eye Cream - $24.95/20ML 

Product description - Spoil and pamper your peepers – go on! Let the wheat germ oil work its wonders and put an extra sparkle in your eyes!

I've never actually had an eye cream before, so this made me feel grown up and fancy. My first impression was the awkward and unflattering below the chin angle of 'Ella'. It really does her no favours, even for a drawn pinup girl. Maybe it's that I don't have prominent eye bags or that I try to get lots of sleep but I don't find I notice a huge difference between using this and not using it. 

Sultry Sofie Lip and Cheek Stain - $21.95/8.5ML

Product description - Sweep your rivals off their feet as you emerge rouged and ready to go! Dazzle suitors and blind beaus as you sashay through the day - your lips and cheeks hinting at the excitement to come!

This is a gentle red berry gel stain, similar to Benefit's Benetint and Stainiac from TheBalm. I know Benetint used to be used as a nipple tint, but I guess these kind of stains used to be popular when all of these vintage-esque brands are producing them. Personally I'm not one for stains, I like my lip products to be full on creamy pigment. What I would use this for though is under a red lip to prolong the longevity and help it to ware away evenly. 

Daisy Delight Cherry Lip Balm - $13.95/20ML 

Product description - Want a pout which anyone would be hard pushed to resist?  Look no further for Daisy Delight has arrived!  Packed with goodness including Vitamin E and natural moisturisers including beeswax – you can’t go wrong!

What they should of called this is 'Tinned Red Frogs'. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia for my primary school canteen and 'how many frogs can I get for 50c?'. That is exactly what this smells like, it's almost intoxicating. If you don't like that, choose one of the other flavours. This is a nice lip balm with a slight tint and while its moisturising, it isn't super moisturising as say paw paw would be. 

Ravishing Ruby Foaming Cleanser - 16.95/70ML 

Product description- Cleanse, condition and tone – yes in all in one bottle! Putting the conditioning powers of algae and sea salt to good use along with the toning properties of Calendula – you’ll feel as good as you look!

This is a fairly decent cleanser. It won't get rid of acne but it will help clear blemishes with continual use. I noticed that if I skipped this for a day or two I'd start to get some pimples on my chin where I normally break out. Although it claims to be toning as well, I have to use a separate toner as my skin feels right after using this, although they may be due to the fact foaming cleansers are not ideal for dry skin.  The ingredients are really interesting in this, I've never used a product with alage and sea salt apart from falling over at the beach.  The bottle is smaller then typical cleanser but since it's foaming in my head that equates to using less product. 

Final thoughts - I'm impressed that this is an Australian brand and nationally available in mainstream stores, I love to support Aussie products. I love the cleanser the most, it's been my go-to cleanser at night. There is a huge variety of products from Glamourflage including skincare and body care, as well as a few homeward gifts. These would be a great gift idea (they have gift packs) for any woman in your life or if you just want to pamper yourself. 

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