Friday, December 5, 2014

Holy grail series part 3 - Palettes

A collection of my favorite palettes and eyeshadows (So far). Yay!


  •  Urban Decay Naked 3 - So pinky and nice. 'Blackheart' (Red/purple toned black) is probably my favorite shade along with 'Nooner' (Matte mauve-y colour).
  • Lorac Pro - A great staple palette, There is about 5 colours in here I tend not to use but I love most of the mattes, same case with the Pro 2 but I haven't used that one as much. 
  • TheBalm NudeTude - This is kind of a funny one as i don't like all of the shades, but TheBalm gets me with their packaging. Ugh. I love the 'Sexy' shade. My biggest gripe is the lack of a nice matte highlight shade that isnt a stark frosty white, wut? I am so keen on the NudeDude palette though. So keen.
  • TooFaced Chocolate Bar - Possibly my favorite of the bunch, if not for the smell alone. Absolute heaven. So good. The shadows are nice too, I use almost all of them. I love the white choclate "highlight" shade. I like using the Jordana shadow stick (from my previous post here) to bring out the Pink glitterin 'Candied Violet'.
  • TheBalm Meet Matt Nude(e) - Probably my favorite packaging of any palette ever (the front that is). I'm always kinda meh about the pans but on my eyes they always look and blend so nice. 
  • Inglot 10 pan custom palette - I spent waaay too much money on this. It has an obligation to be on this list. I do love the purple and pinks of this palette though, they are so pigmented and buttery, very velvety. I don't care for the mattes though I feel like they don't pick up any pigment and are not creamy at all. I don't have the individual named because they are an absolute pain in the butt to get out.
So much pan porn 
  • Essence Quattro in To die for - I've had this for sooo long and I still honestly love it even though I mainly use higher end shadows. I don't really care for the packaging or layout though.
  • TooFaced Boudior Eyes - This was one of my first big girl palettes, and still probably my favorite. I love everything about it, and it's probably the only palette I love every single colour in.
  • Essence Metal Glam eyeshadow in Frosted Apple - This little guy is out in the world all by itself. But it's so pigmented and pretty I thought it deserved a spot. Mad props to the clear/Mirrored packaging, they're picking up their game. It is a pinky toned rust sort of colour with a gold iridescence. Similar to Buzz from the Naked 3 but more red toned.
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics -  I've had this for a couple years but ive really started to use it on an everyday basis lately, I use all the shades except for Crave as i don't wear black shadow, but i'd use it to set my gel liner.

On a side note, Sephora officially opened in Sydney today, as the first of it's kind in Australia. Did anyone go? I've seen a few prices, like ABH dipbrow for $30, when we can still find it online cheaper (<$16 right now on Beautybay, less than the US).

(Image Via Sephora Australia's Facebook)

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