Thursday, April 16, 2015

Benefit haul and first impressions

I never received half my order, for some reason they sent it in two packages (?) and I only received the small one. It took about weeks of back and forth email and waiting for time to pass before they would give me a refund, of which their customer service said was processing, however I also never received that. Bad form, Benefit. I was unhappy with my products and their customer service was even worse.

Since contacting to receive a refund, they made a mistake and accidentally refunded me too much.  To rectify their mistake, they charged me 3 more times without my authorization. Thanks, Benefit. You are truly incompetent. Ive never had an online shopping experience so awful. 

As I've been working so much (and gettin dat bank) I continue my foray into higher end (read: expensive) makeup as it was never something I ventured into much before. I'm finding it rather hard to decide on the things I want and their availability then I usually end up having a cry about no good makeup here. Anyway, I opted to chose Benefit as they have an amazing website which allows us to buy from US prices with free shipping over $125. For some reason though, they sent my package in 2 parcels and I've only received the first, smaller one so far. I've been playing around with these for a few days so I'll offer my first impressions.

-'Real Tease' - comes with Theyre real mascara and They're real Push Up liner 
I like the mascara more then I was expecting too. I'd always heard that it was clumpy and very difficult to remove, two things I hate in a mascara. It's actually not clumpy at all and reminds me of my clump crusher with more volume. However that's also a bit dissappointing as I get no crazy volume that would suggest these are anything like falsies. 

Here's what surprised me the most - I actually really like this eyeliner. If you haven't tried this, then I'm sure you've at least heard some of the general reviews on this that claim its horible. I haven't found anything I don't like about it yet, it is lash hugging as claimed, long lasting, and fairly easy to use. It does have a learning curve which I haven't successfully conquered yet, but it definitely makes gel liner easier if you're fused to felt tip pens. 

-'You Go Gals' set with mini That Gal primer, Girl Meets Pearl illuminator, and the Porefrssional. 
I was expecting these to be a little bigger, but I didn't pay attention to the volume. I was a bit diss
Anointed by the illuminator as its just about the same colour as my skin, not sure how to feel about the primer but so far the Porefrssional seems to work nice, only my foundation seems to go a bit funny ontop of it. 
You get 3 free samples with any purchase so I chose the deluxe Puff off! Sample which I haven't used yet but is quite a decent size. I'm not sure what's wrong with me but I never want to use my samples, I'm too scared of using too much. I also chose a total moisture packet sample and another Puff Off. 
The other small item I brought was the Majorette blush. This is my favourite thing so far, the colour is the most gorgeous peachy pink that warms up the face yet still mimics a cute flush. It is a cream to powder formulation that comes off much lighter then it does in the pan. The only thing I don't like is the little plastic cap you're supposed to keep around to prevent drying is annoying. Update: Ive always kept the protector on the blush but it still seems to be drying out.

The other 2 larger items I purchased were 'Sugarglam Fairies' and 'Sizzlin Six'. I'm not sure where they are yet. 😖

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