Sunday, April 26, 2015

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash: Lip-swatches


I hope you're as excited as me, but thats probably a longshot. With the recent release of Urban Decay at Mecca in Australia (FINALLY!?) I thought I'd venture out just away from UD eyeshadows. This set is not available in Aus, sadface, but hopefully if you were curious about any of these colours this post will help you decide. Spoiler: They're pretty.

 The fullsize Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks retail for $32 AUD. This set contains 6 mini lipsticks and one full size clear O-zone lipliner (Which is $30 AUD alone). This set retails at $39 USD and was limited edition.
Lipstick shades from L-R: Crush, Illicit, F-Bomb, Lady Flower, Liar, Gash. 
(Lip swatches show true colour much better)

In my personal preference, whenever I wear lipstick I always wear lipliner to define and create neat lines. For swatch purposes I didn't include liner, apart from the first swatch (Gash) in which I used NYX's Hot Red liner.
From top to bottem:  Gash, Illicit, Liar, LadyFlower, Crush, F-Bomb

Aaaaand thus was the day I realised how uneven my lips really are. Or that I'm consecutively really bad at applying lipstick. This is why I'd always wear lip liner. My favourite shade is Crush as it is one of those vibrant bright warm pinks that lights up your entire face, similar to Wet n Wild's Pinkerbell or Milani's Firey Coral  but with a slight gold duochrome that makes it really unique. While I really enjoy these, I honestly couldn't justify the price-tag, especially when there are so many great drugstore lipsticks.

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