Thursday, November 13, 2014

Beauty Joint haul + Update

If you have not noticed already, I'm a fan of retail therapy. Over the last 4 months I have been finish my Early Childhood teaching degree and it has been a bit stressful, I made a big order with beauty joint so that I would have something to look forward too. (P.S I've officially finished uni, yay!) 

City Colour 'Be matte' blushes in Blackberry and Pink Grapefruit
City Colour contour kit - I really like this! Very pigmented so use a light hand. This is one of my favorite highlighters.Ever. It's not pink or gold, it's just a satin white so it may look chalky on darker skin tones. 
City Colour all set setting spray - I think I like this. It's hard to tell yet. It doesn't feel sticky and dries quite quickly. The nozzle sprays alright too, not the best but not the worst (elf I'm looking at you). 
Wet n Wild Fergie highlighter in Rose Champagne Glow - this was priced for wet n wild and I expected more. It seems to be fairly sheer and it doesn't feel smooth. 

L.A. girl Glazed lip paints - whimsical, coy, babydoll, bombshell, flirt, elude, whisper. 
I'm really enjoying these, I want to get the rest. Similar in consistency to OCC lip tars, you will need a lip brush for these. You can apply in layers and they have a glazed look but are not extremely glossy looking, which I prefer. 

Wet n Wild comfort zone palette - I bought this just for the MAC blue brown dupe, and it is also one of the better shades in the palette for pigmentation and consistency. It is so Pretty over a black base, I love duo chromes lately. As you can see from the pan and in the swatch, a dark base brings out the blue and on skin it looks brown. 
NYX liquid liner in Extreme purple - I have been looking for a strong purple eyeliner, this is it. It is a royal purple kind of colour. 
Elf long lasting lustrous eyeshadow in Celebration - I wanted something to be a silver base to bring out silver shadows. This is a little darker than I'd prefer, but I haven't used it much. 

As you can see, I had a few problems with this order. Mainly with Wet n Wilds Reserve your cabana highlighter, which is really crappy as it was the thing I was most looking forward too. I was really disappointed with BeautyJoint this time round and will be holding off making anymore orders for a while. BeautyJoint has notoriously bad customer service (see here and here) as their "shipping insurance" policy for damaged items is to give store credit, meaning you still pay shipping for items you don't get and to get your item/money's worth you have to make another order from them. Even if I was to just reorder the highlight with the credit I'd still be paying an extra $5 in shipping. I've never dealt with a company that would not just either refund you or send a replacement. 

You can also see some markings in some of my other items, there is a huge chunk out of my highlighter (even though it had a security seal so I think it might of been a manufacturing error) and if you look closely, you can clearly see fingerprint marks around the pan of the comtour kit. There were finger prints in the other colours too, and this item does not come packed in anything but a thin slip of plastic inside so it could have easily been used by someone. This really gave me a sour taste of beautyjoint. 

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