Friday, November 21, 2014

Ebay contour kit review & comparisons

 You know that vortex you get stuck in when you go eBay shopping.. and order upwards of twenty things.. no? Just me? Well it happened. Phone cases (why did I need 4?), jewellery and a couple makeup bits.

Here I'll be reviewing a contour duo i picked up and comparing it to some other popular contour kits/options. This was $5.35AU and it took about 20 days to arrive. I also got one of the 6 pan kits that hasn't arrived yet.

 Swatches  L-R; Too Faced Chocolate Soleil,  NYX taupe, Sleek contour in Light, Ebay Duo, CityColour contour kit. 

If you're an Aussie girl, I'm sure you've seen the hysteria floating around the Australis AC ON TOUR palette (the one that is always sold out) which is supposed to be a dupe of the much more expensive and Anastasia BH contour palette. I had seen these kits on eBay for a while so I thought now would be a good chance to try them out.

As you can see, most of these are kinda patchy to swatch (especially the NYX one- p.s. I heard whispers they are reformulating!!). The CityColour kit is definitely the smoothest, most pigmented one of the lot, which is going to be the one I recommend. I hauled it in my Beauty Joint post here. However, sometimes a sheer-er option is better for contouring, especially if you're fair.

From the eBay page, I was really expecting this to be a lot smaller, the pans are huge.The colour is inbetween a browny bronze and a taupe, i'd still prefer it to have more grey tones like the NYX though. It is similar to the TooFaced and Sleek, id say if you have either of those then you don't need to try this.  I find the white to be quite powdery when i use a fan brush, but it doesn't really worry me as there is so much product I don't really feel like I'm wasting it.

The main reason I purchased this though was for the highlight, I find it hard to find a kit with really nice matte light shades that are not pink or gold toned.  

Some of the brushes  I like to use for blush, contour and highlighting and blending:

1. ELF fan brush to dust on highlighter
2. ELF blush brush
3. ELF small tapered brush for precise contour
4.ELF small stipple brush for cream blush
5.Sedona Lace 850  for contour/bronzer
6. eBay flat top kabuki to buff over everything/ blend with my foundation 

(I promise I wash them)

I really recommend the ELF studio brushes if you have never tried them, they are very sturdy and made well and of course cheap, most of them are hits.

  • If you're beginning to contour and looking for something to practice with this might be something to consider. 
  • If you're confident with your blending abilities than id go for the CityColour palette, you can find it occasionally on Ozsale.  The white highlight will probably pull ashy on skintones darker than medium.
  • If you're light-fair id recommend the NYX taupe, it really is a lovely colour, but the pigment isn't so great. 

Wearing the eBay contour, highlighter and TheBalm Down Boy.

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