Monday, November 17, 2014

Priceline 40% off haul #3

I was disappointment that my Priceline didn't have any stock of the L'oreal lumi in N1 (much less any other fair colours) and FOA wasn't carried at all. I did pick up a few good things though, here are my first impressions. 

  •  Australis fresh & flawless powder in Natural - $ 7.17. I got this because its always being raved about and compared to MAC studio fix pressed powder. I don't usually wear pressed powder as it tends to look cakey on my skin, so far this looks alright. 
  • Essence blush up shade 2 - $ 4.29.  I picked this up as i had always seen shade 1 and thought it was pretty but wasn't interested in the bright orange shade. So far, this seems hard to pick up much colour and it is not as smooth as the regular blushes. 
  • Covergirl stay fabulous foundation in 810 Classic Ivory $ 11.97. I had decided last night i wouldn't pick this up as it is ideal for oily skin types and many reviews with dry skin hated it. On my first impression, it was more liquidy than i thought (meaning it blends easier) but it smelt like chemicals.It looked like it was just sitting on my skin, but after about 10~ mins it looks much better. Colour match is good, on the neutral side. I applied with a flat top kabuiki and did 1 layer. It looks a little cakey on my skin, but no where near as bad as i thought. 
  • Maybelline Fit me Concealer Light 10 - $9.20. I automatically picked up the lightest colour, however it is extremely yellow and obvious on me. I think i must of previously used Fair  15 which is actually lighter. I will have to either apply this lighter or under my foundation.
  • Essence So Glow cream highlighter 10 - $  3.45. I prefer highlighters that are very light champagne color/ lean towards white rather than gold or pink. This is goldy champagne but not too obvious. Formula is quite nice, would recommend if you like this colour for highlight.

  •  Essence Lash curler mascara - $ 4.05. I'll admit i picked up this strange looking thing as i thought it was some kind of Lash curler. Turns out, nope, some strange mascara thing with a twist? I dont understand it at all. you could just turn your regular mascara. I don't know how to place my hands and use it. Its a bit clumpy too.
  • Essence I <3 Stage eyeshadow base - $ 3.06. I'd heard about this for a long time but never seen it in my priceline, it might have just been hiding. The colour is much darker than most eye bases, when blended out it is similar to the NYX eye base in skin tone. It seems alright so far, i would still call this more of a primer than a sticky base.
  • Covergirl Lash Blast waterproof $ 10.76. Repurchase. Accidentally picked up the waterproof version, hopefully i'll like it. 
  • Essence brow gel -  $2.46. Repurchase, my favorite brow gel. 

  • Essence Lip-liner in Satin Mauve - $ 1.20. Best cheap lipliners. I love this colour.

  •  Johnson's baby oil - $4.49. I got this to try and boost the moisture in my face and body. not 100% sure how to go about it yet.
  • Garnier cleansing water - $ 11.99. I got this because i ran out of makeup wipes and toner, and i like something to take off my makeup without washing my face. I really dig this so far. Haven't tried it with waterproof mascara yet. 

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