Friday, March 13, 2015

Recent purchases haul - Priceline and BeautyBay + First Impressions

So pretty much every time I have to go into town and do something, I bribe myself with the thought of a trip to priceline. In these trips I usually have no intention of getting anything in specific and come out with things that I deffinatley don't need, but fuels my addiction and keeps me happy :) 

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Multi Style Eyeliner and Savvy Percision Pen in Blackest Black. 

Ive been trying to find something that could take the place of my beloved Jordana Fabuliner, as the only place I know to get it is BeautyJoint. First impressions - The Savvy pen has a firm tip very similar to the Jordana one, however slightly fatter then i'd prefer for liner. The barrel of the pen also seems really short and like it doesnt have much product compared to standard liner pens. The biggest issue I have with this, and you'll see in the swatches, is that they probably should of named this 'kind of black but more of a faded grey'. On the other hand, the Essence one is perfectly liquidy and very black. I'm just not sure that this kinda tip is the best for my usual winged liner style, i'll have to play around with it. I haven't worn these long enough to to test the lasting power.

Essence Good Girl Bad Girl Blush in  01Good girls wear peach

This is probably my favorite thing of the bunch - It swatches and applies a bit lighter than in the pan making it a beautiful pastel peach, I didn't have a blush like this in my collection and have been really into peach shades on my skin lately. In the pan I can see a slight slight shimmer but when applied it just gives a soft glow, it's more of a satin matte. I really like this style of Essence packing, it's sturdy and I find it pretty sleek. The print of it is a bit cheesy though.

Essence XXXL Long lasting Lipgloss in the Matte formula in Silky Red  
and an essence sharpener 

I always told myself I wouldn't pick this shade up as I have red liquid lipsticks that I like and I don't wear red too often.. but I wanted to finish of my little 'collection' of them and I really love this formula. This one is quite a warm toned red with slight orangey undertones. I picked up a new Essence sharpener as they're cheap as chips, and the one Ive had has served me well, but I never clean it so it's quite mingy and disgusting.

Swatches L-R: Savvy Percision pen, Essence Multistyle liner, Essence Good Girl blush, Essence XXXL gloss in Silky Red 

Savvy CC powder in the Brightening shade

I picked this up on a wim as I was looking for a more matte highlighter. On my skin, this does brighten but not really enough to highlight on its own. I use it as more of a finishing powder to set my liquid highlight and dust over the highpoints of my face. So far I really like it, albeit leaving my skin with that powdery look sometimes :/ 

Essence eyeliner pen in Black and Australis Velourlips in Ro-Ma and Shang-hi
Same old story as before with the liner. Alas, my eyeliner is in another castle.  The Velourlips, however i'm still trying to make my mind up on. I think I need to work on the way I apply these as they end up feeling really heavy and cakey and I rub them off after a few minutes. The colours are gorgeous however.

Finally, from BeautyBay I took the plunge and got the Anastasia #12 brush as I felt like I wasn't a true eyebrow connoisseur without it. I also got Dipbrow in Taupe as Dipbrow is suuuuper cheap on BB lately (Seriously its $15, it's $18 in the US and up to $40 if you were to find it instore here).  I kinda regret it though as the difference between Taupe and Blonde is really minimal, Taupe is sliiightly darker and has a cooler tone.

Swatches from L-R : Savvy brightening powder, Velourlips in Ro-Ma and Shang-Hi, Essence eyeliner pen, Dipbrow in Taupe.

Pssst, you still here? Okay. Since you stayed, I'll tell you a secret. The bi-annual priceline 40% off sale is happening March 24 & 25. Don't tell anyone I told you.

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